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Single Day Registration 2019 Conference

  • 08/26/2019
  • 08/30/2019
  • 5 sessions
  • 08/26/2019, 08:00 17:00 (EDT)
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  • 08/28/2019, 08:00 17:00 (EDT)
  • 08/29/2019, 08:00 17:00 (EDT)
  • 08/30/2019, 08:00 12:00 (EDT)
  • Fort WIlliam Henry Conference Center, Lake George NY


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Monday August 26th, 2019

Raise the Age – Changes for 2019  9a, - 12 Noon

This presentation will address the Raise the Age Legislation that occurred in 2018, raising the age of criminal Responsibility for 17 and 18 year old’s in NYS, the impact of those changes and what is coming for the changes to the law for October 2019

 “Impact of SROs on School Climate”  1pm - 3pm

Schools are dynamic and diverse places to work.  As teachers, leaders, and SROs we are tasked with meeting the needs of all students and maintaining equitable opportunities and enforcement. We influence students through our teaching and our actions, both directly and indirectly.  This engaging session will explore personal bias, stereotypes, and our impact on the climate within our schools.  Participants will work in partners and teams to better understand diversity and develop action plans that will positively influence school culture.

 Kids and Vaping  3pm - 5pm

Combating a growing Public Health concern, vaping among youth, though policy development and environmental changes. This program will look at the current policies regarding traditional tobacco and vaping products in schools, communities and other settings. It will also look at State and federal regulations regarding advertising, online sales and points of purchase in communities. It will also discuss some of the current ideas for creating policies that reduce vaping among youth.

 Tuesday August 27th, 2019

Social Emotional Support for Schools: A Systems Approach    8a - 12 Noon

 In this session, participants will learn about educational trends in social emotional learning and strategies that schools are utilizing to create a culture of positive behavior.  In addition to systems for support, participants will learn about therapeutic deescalation strategies to better respond to students in crisis.

 School Police Partnership    8a - 5pm

This highly interactive and experiential workshop taught by Dr. Lisa Patierne, Principal of RCS

High School, will address numerous topics that SROs and school personnel can use to

successfully create collaborative working relationships their schools. Participants will learn how

to create a “safe space” for all, which is essential in the prevention phase of emergency

management; how to develop strong school police partnerships; and the effects of trauma on

students and the need as caregivers and leaders to take care of ourselves so we can be as

effective as possible in the work that we do.

 Power Point:  How to develop a power point presentation  1pm - 3pm

 This presentation will show attendees how to navigate Microsoft Power Point, and how to build your own presentations with the most impact for the audience.  Key points of presentation skill will be discussed.  *it is recommended to bring a laptop to this presentation

 Social Media  3pm - 5pm

This presentation will offer ways for officers to look at Social Media and cell phones as a tool to keep kids safe and allow parents crucial information that is readily available to everyone but you may not know it. Information will be available to take back to your juristiction to help parents with these tools for children safety. 

  Wednesday August 28th, 2019

 Establishing Behavioral Threat Assessment and Mangement Teams in K-12 Districts.    8am - 12 Noon

 The presentation will include a brief history of the use of behavioral threat assessment as an operational protocol to mitigate the risk of targeted violence and the essential role threat assessment and management play in protecting our students from rampage shooting and mass killing events.  Primary to this discussion will be the establishment of a multidisciplinary team approach to prevent acts of targeted and intended violence in our schools.  

 Kids Escaping Drugs  8am - 12 Noon

Representatives from Kids Escaping Drugs and law enforcement will discuss a variety of topics pertaining to substance abuse and its impact on the juvenile population.  The presentation will include an in depth discussion about the rapidly evolving vaping epidemic as well as other substance abuse trends.  The services offered at the Kids Escaping Drugs Renaissance Campus – a treatment facility for chemically dependent teens who reside anywhere in New York State, will also be presented.   Service utilization and providing community support to juveniles who struggle with substance abuse and addiction will also be discussed.  Finally, there will be an opportunity to hear a personal experience of a law enforcement professional who was impacted by the epidemic. 

 Leadership, Challenge, Fort Walk    1pm - 5pm

By exploring the Siege of Fort William Henry while conducting hands on team building exercises designed to make you reflect on your personal development, this workshop will focus on how to build highly effective teams and leader development. This interactive and highly experiential workshop will be led by Lieutenant Colonel (Ret) John Nawoichyk a historian and Army Veteran with 25 years of service who has dedicated his life to the study of leader development and team building. While walking the actual ground of the battle made famous in the movie “Last of the Mohicans”, we will explore timeless leadership and operational lessons such as the importance of effective communication, extremis leadership, crisis management, building teams from diverse groups, the importance of team culture, assessing and adapting plans, building trust, team dynamics, and teamwork. How did French General Montcalm defeat an entrenched British Army under Lieutenant Colonel Monro? Throughout the walk, we will conduct both physical and mental exercises designed to take you out of your comfort zone in order to allow personal reflection, team development and growth.

 Missing and Abducted Children: Investigative Considerations and Strategies   1pm - 5pm

 Child abductions and missing children investigations are some of the most difficult and emotionally exhausting cases a law enforcement officer will be a part of during their career.  During this block of training, attendees will discuss the different investigative phases of child abductions and be provided with the best practices for investigating these cases. This class will provide useful information for not only investigators, but patrol officers, support staff and executives who will be involved in these types of investigation.

This training is based on the FBI’s Child Abduction Response Plan (CARP), which is the national model for best practices when responding to and investigating cases involving children who are missing under mysterious or suspicious circumstances. Attendees will receive a copy of the newest edition of the FBI’s Child Abduction Response Plan (CARP).  The CARP provides step by step guidance to law enforcement agencies and personnel conducting these investigations.

 Attendees will also hear case presentations that reinforce the best practices being taught.  Upon completion of this training block attendees will be better equipped to respond to these types of investigations.

 Thursday August 29th, 2019

Juvenile Investigations  8a - 4pm

"The training will be geared towards law enforcement officers that encounter juveniles both as victims and offenders.  Class presentations will provide participants with a greater understanding of how juveniles are targeted by offenders, how to detect and intervene with juveniles on the pathway to violence and presentations on the latest research studies involving long term impacts of child victimization."

  RESPONSIVE Leadership    8a - 12 noon

Imagine reaching heightened levels of achievement and breaking through barriers with ease. This interactive and highly experiential workshop, presented by Dr. Lisa Patierne (Principal, RCS High School) and Lieutenant Colonel (US Army Retired) John Nawoichyk (Associate Athletic Director, West Point College), will take you from where you are to where you want to be. Discover how to increase confidence, tackle daily challenges, live with passion and purpose, and realize goals beyond your belief, regardless of your circumstances or ambitions.   Using the concepts of RESPONSIVE Leadership, you will learn how to develop yourself, your students, and your teams to see the self-potential, believe it is possible, set goals, and attain high levels of success, despite life’s circumstances. We all have to deal with an extremely complex environment filled with demands, expectations, distractions, and pressures, but at the same time we have more opportunity than any previous generation in history! With the right tools you, your students, teammates and your organizations can accomplish so many great things.  Learning and living the principles of RESPONSIVE Leadership will open up endless possibilities. You will walk out the door a happier, more confident, and a more focused person with the commitment to be an unstoppable success for yourself, your students, your organization, and your community.

Five Responses    1pm - 4pm

This session will address two topics that often present challenges for schools - the 5 Emergency Response Terms for school actions and emergency planning and Reunification. Using the appropriate actions (Shelter-in-place, Hold-in-place, Evacuation, Lockout and Lockdown) and having a well-thought reunification plan will help promote the health and safety of your students, staff and community throughout response and recovery efforts.

 FRIDAY August 30th, 2019

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder   To Protect and Serve Those Who Protect    8am - 12 Noon

A dynamic, powerful and emotional  presentation regarding the reality of the incident rate of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder within the ranks of our Law Enforcement community. Emphasis is placed on the history of PTSD, with a specific focus on police suicide, as well as recommendations for administrative training  to prepare, insulate, protect and treat the expected exposure to trauma. 

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