State of New York Police Juvenile Officers Association Inc.

1971 Western Avenue, PMB 104

Albany, NY  12203

(518) 456-0704

FAX (518) 456-0561


Vice President

Michael McCarthy

Central Square Police Department

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Vice Presidents Corner: 

Greetings,  It is my distinct pleasure to serve as your Vice President of the SNYPJOA.  We are faced with many challenges in the coming years and the talented and dedicated men and women of the association strive to provide the best training possible to face these challenges.  With 'raise the age' legislation coming into effect, an increasing opioid epidemic and a changing social dynamic, the association can offer training and guidance from senior instructors who have keen insight into the issues you deal with on a daily basis.  I encourage all people who deal with juvenile issues in law enforcement, corrections, education, social work, ect. to attend our annual training conference, enjoy the training and and especially the networking.  If I can assist you in any way please feel free to contact me at the provided link,  Stay safe my friends and hope to see you in August !

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