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Michael Whiteley

Bethlehem Police Department

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 Hello and welcome to the SNYPJOA website.   My name   is Michael Whiteley and I am a Detective with the   Bethlehem Police Department.  Bethlehem is a town   which borders the City of Albany to the south and west.  I   have been assigned to our Family Services Unit since   2006 and I am currently the SRO for the Bethlehem   Middle School. I received my SRO certification at the   SNYPJOA conference in 2005.  Since then I have also   received my Juvenile Officer, Advanced SRO and     Advanced Juvenile Officer certification.  I have a strong   background in Juvenile Justice dating back to before my   Law Enforcement career.  Before becoming a police   officer I was a Probation Officer with Albany County in the   Juvenile Supervision Unit. I have taught Juvenile Law at   the Peace Officer training at the Zone 5 Regional Law   Enforcement Training Academy and the New York State   Park Police Academy as well as many different topics in   the courses offered at our conference.  I am always happy to answer a question or help out in any way I can.  Please   feel free to contact me via the link above.  Thank you and   be safe.

Vice Presidents Corner: 

We have just met with Joe, the Catering Director from the Holiday Inn Binghamton.  Plans for the 2018 Conference are under way and the location looks great.  Registration is open. 

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