State of New York Police Juvenile Officers Association Inc.

1971 Western Avenue, PMB 104

Albany, NY  12203

(518) 456-0704

FAX (518) 456-0561


Covering Counties: New York, Bronx, Kings, Richmond, Queens

Region 1 Representative

Vernon House

NYPD - School Safety Division

23-11 Queens Plaza North

L.I.C.,  NY  


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 Vernon House is the new Region Rep.  from the NYPD Police Academy,  We at  the SNYPJOA Welcome Vernon to our  family and are proud to have a member  of the largest police department in the  world as part of our organization.

To Contact Vernon House:  Click link 

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Police Agencies in Region 1

New York County

New York City Police Dept.

Telephone: (646) 610-5410

Rail Road Police

Amtrak Police Department

Telephone: (212) 630-7107

Metropolitan Transportation Authority Police


Telephone: (212) 878-1146


New York City Sheriff's Office

Telephone: (718) 579-2820

New York County Sheriff's Office

Telephone: (212) 788-8732

State Police

New York State Police

Troop New York City

Telephone: (917) 492-7100

University and College Police

SUNY College of Optometry

Telephone: (212) 780-5566

Bronx County

Bronx County Sheriff's Office

Telephone: (718) 993-3882

University and College Police

SUNY Maritime College

Telephone: (718) 409-7311

Kings County

Kings County Sheriff's Office

Telephone: (718) 802-3543

University and College Police

SUNY Downstate Medical Center at Brooklyn

Telephone: (718) 270-2797

Richmond County

MTA Staten Island Rapid Transit Police Department

Telephone: (718) 876-8270


Richmond County Sheriff's Off..

Telephone: (718) 815-8407

Queens County

Queens County Sheriff's Office

Telephone: (718) 298-7550

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