State of New York Police Juvenile Officers Association Inc.

1971 Western Avenue, PMB 104

Albany, NY  12203

(518) 456-0704

FAX (518) 456-0561


In order to take this course, the participant must have first successfully completed the Basic Police Juvenile Officer Course and obtained a certificate.

This five day, thirty eight hour course is certified by the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services.  The curriculum is specifically designed to enhance the skills, knowledge and confidence of the attendee.  It also meets the demands of the ever evolving and complex world of Juvenile Justice.  Emphasis is placed on custody as it relates to juveniles who have committed finger-printable offenses.  

Other topics include:

  *  Juvenile Aid Bureau record keeping

  *  Detention issues

  *  Responding to missing children and the Interstate Compact

  *  Relevant current information regarding legal issues

  *  Cutting and self-injurious behavior

  *  Crime Prevention through Environmental Design  

  *  S.A.V.E. legislation

  *  Adolescent lifestyles 

A certificate will be issued by the Bureau of Municipal Police/Division of Criminal Justice Services for all participants who are police officers that successfully complete the course

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